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Coffee & Cinnamon Gift Box

Roasted and ground Arabica coffee flavored with cinnamon and roasted and ground coffee flavored with cocoa.

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Organic Coffee & Cinnamon
Arabica coffee roasted and ground with cinnamon. Creamy envelopping and intense coffee with a sweet and exotic cinnamon taste.
Consistency: 5
Roasting: Medium.
Peculiarity: Slightly bitter with cinnamon notes.

Organic Coffee & Cocoa
Organic roasted and ground coffee encapsulates all the most exquisite aromas of coffee, combined with the intensity of cocoa.
Roasting: Medium.
Peculiarity: Delicate flavour with notes of vanilla and cocoa.



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Fill the moka pot to the filter, as usual. Fill the filter scarcely with the coffee, without pressing it. This allows the coffee to come out without altering its flavour.


500 gr.


Sede Legale: Via Brescia, 27 | 46100, MANTOVA
Produzione e magazzino: Via Pomponesco, 17 | 46100 Mantova

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