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our coffee

Always together, organic by choice.

Action, care and environment. These are the values that go into the production of our coffees, with respect for sustainability and the development of local communities. We preserve quality, without compromise.


Our brands

From excellent roasting to quality distribution.

Our chicory

Chicory, the beverage that purifies.

Made from chicory roots, to guarantee unaltered nutritional benefits. We take the very best traceable raw materials of certified origin, and make a totally healthy drink. All the flavour, but without caffeine.

Our plantations

Our coffee lives and grows at high altitude in Central America

High quality from the origins.

our flavour

For every aroma, a flavour

Our work is guided by ethics and consists of a constant quest for new products and rigorous selection of raw materials on the basis of quality, thus guaranteeing the production and sale of aromatic gourmet coffees from the top growing regions of Central America. 

Our brand

Aromatic gourmet coffees from the best areas of Central America.



Roasting excellence since 1959



The quality choice in mass distribution


Selezione D'Autore

A story of research and unique flavour

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Attention, care, sustainable

Sustainable goals


Sede Legale: Via Brescia, 27 | 46100, MANTOVA
Produzione e magazzino: Via Pomponesco, 17 | 46100 Mantova

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