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Product quality guides the company's processes and objectives

Ever since the company was founded in 1959, it has based its activity on the same principles: rigorous selection of the best raw materials in pursuit of quality, technology innovation and coherent ethical choices which have enabled it to transform its original artisanal activity into today’s industrial-size business

Product quality guides the company’s processes and objectives

In the last 20 years, its focus has expanded to include the organic sector, a choice dictated by the desire for continuous improvement that characterises the company. The organic project is important also on a human and environmental level, as it aims to support a type of production that does not make use of chemical products and synthetic fertilisers. This implies adopting various techniques to improve the natural fertility of the ground, therefore maintaining the ecosystem’s balance

This is why Torrefazione Caffè Salomoni has obtained an Organic certification – it was one of the first Italian companies to do so, in accordance with European regulations – and the Transfair certification for its help to the populations in the countries of origin

Equal Values

Over the years it has evolved while maintaining its focus on quality, thanks to the solid values handed down from father to daughter, which have inspired the company’s activity from the start, allowing it to become a leader in its sector, importing and processing the certified organic coffee that it has been exporting around the world for 20 years.


Sede Legale: Via Brescia, 27 | 46100, MANTOVA
Produzione e magazzino: Via Pomponesco, 17 | 46100 Mantova

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