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Soluble coffees: full flavour and only 100% roasted chicory.

Soluble coffees: full flavour and only 100% roasted chicory.

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Unlike coffees that are ground, soluble blends are prepared using the freeze-drying method.

Freeze-dried products are the result of a cold industrial process: the raw material undergoes a process of sublimation at minus 20 degrees, followed by secondary drying, during which the surface temperature reaches 60 degrees.

In our soluble range, Chicory is a premium product, because it is made with certified raw materials. It is produced using 100% roasted chicory, high in fibre and perfect for a break at any time of day.

The convenience of soluble beverages

Soluble products are “ready-drinks”, which can be prepared very quickly by mixing the product with hot and cold water.

The benefits: convenience and versatility

  • It takes a very short time to make a soluble drink, just long enough to heat the right amount of water. One or more portions of the same drink can be made, avoiding waste, and the remainder kept and used later.
  • Versatility: the strength of the solution can be adjusted for any product.





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