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Organic Coffee Unico

Selection of organic coffees from small local farmers, hand-picked by choosing only the ripest berries.

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It undergoes a long hot air roasting process. This project was born in respect of nature and of people who love the land and respect it as a source of life. 100% Arabica coffee, delicate and harmonious, well balanced, its aftertaste is rich in the flavors of the lands of origin of Central America.
Consistency: 6
Roasting: Medium.
Peculiarity: Rafined flavour, all the aromas and fragrances of unparalleled quality, with very low acidity and high digestibility.





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Fill the moka pot to the filter, as usual. Fill the filter scarcely with the coffee, without pressing it. This allows the coffee to come out without altering its flavour.


250 gr.


Sede Legale: Via Brescia, 27 | 46100, MANTOVA
Produzione e magazzino: Via Pomponesco, 17 | 46100 Mantova

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