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In the product and the method, to ensure the authentic flavour of coffee remains constant

The flavour of the coffee must always be consistent, this is why we buy only specially selected coffees with a certified origin. Beans must not present any undesired elements and must be 100% pure: when it comes to quality these are the main requirements. Tests on product samples arriving from the countries of origin are carried out daily to guarantee the continued good quality of the production.

The Slow Method  

The roasting process still follows the “slow” 18/20 method with hot air, to make sure coffee roasts slowly and all its aromas blend. Respecting the raw materials while preserving nature: a blow of very hot air lifts the beans and makes them float during the entire process, stopping them from touching the metal and ensuring they roast uniformly from the outside to the inside. Despite the use of the latest technologies, great care goes into roasting the beans. The product is then cooled off by a blow of cold air and left to rest in silos for at least 72 hours.

Our Certifications  


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